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I know that’s cliche, but I honestly think it can be true on several levels. There are few things I love more than discovering more about who I am and why God made me the way He did. Sometimes I wrestle with who I am (like ‘Why on earth did God have to make me so strong-willed and outspoken?’), but mostly I’ve just enjoyed the road of discovery.

I was raised a homeschooler, and as such I was fairly free to figure out on my own (without peer pressure and all that junk) who I was. Being raised by my mom and dad, I found out how I was similar to them and different from them. If I had a day where my main impulse was ‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ then that was a ‘mom’ day. If I had a day where I was able to show compassion to a friend or acquaintance, that was a ‘dad’ day. If I had a day (or several days) where I disagreed with them (especially my mom) that was an Arielle-is-growing-up-and-figuring-out-her-own-life day.

Growing up, I was able to define myself as:

  • A tomboy
  • Artistic
  • A musician
  • A dancer
  • An athlete
  • A reader
  • Outdoorsy
  • A Christian
  • A homeschooler
  • An introvert
  • etc.

I also learned that it was healthy to dub myself other things that were and are very true: Beautiful, smart, unique (very unique. Oh joy). Except for rare moments of extreme introvertedness or moments when my compassionate heart got me in trouble, I felt (and feel) very comfortable with myself. I think this is a healthy thing, and a godly thing. I don’t think it’s prideful. It’s just speaking truth into your own life.

Like with all friendships, I hope my blog reflects this motto of ‘Being True to You.’ It’s more than a cliche.

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