I write to connect to people, to share the human experience, and prayerfully give my readers what I didn’t have: Some real-life stories to help you in figuring out how to navigate your own life. I’m using this blog as somewhat of a journal–to gather my thoughts and see what I make of them, and what my readers make of them. Are they useful? Relevant? Real? Unique? I hope so. And maybe in a few years when I’ve walked a bit more of Life, I will publish these thoughts.

I suppose it could all be summed up in the title of the blog: Following Your Feet. In the movie ‘A Knight’s Tale,’ young Will asks his father how he will find his way back home again. His father tells him ‘You just have to follow your feet.’ I want to do the same, and I hope my readers will as well.

A Knight’s Tale. Directed by Brian Helgeland. 2001. Culver City, CA: Columbia Pictures Industries, 2001. DVD.

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