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I was referred to Problogger’s site by a fellow writer/blogger who has been blogging for a couple of years (and helping me out with dance teaching website stuffs. Thank God for friends who actually know about technology). You can visit his blog at:


Anyways, Problogger has some great tips, and here’s the one I’ve just found:


Problogger’s argument is that ‘content’ isn’t king, but that ‘usefulness is.’ I think this is very true. I know that for myself, I read nonfiction to get something out of it. For me, fiction is relaxing and something to enjoy (whether I’m writing it or reading it), but nonfiction is usually where I go to look for guidance and shared life experiences. The content in nonfiction is usually what draws me toward that particular book or post, but the personal usefulness of that content is what makes the books valuable to me. In this, I think problogger’s point that ‘usefulness is king’ is very valid.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I have.