This is a simply beautiful piece of writing from the blog ‘Beautiful Life With Cancer,’ and I can completely relate (being both the lost kitten that Jesus has reached out to, and the one reaching out to those people who are like the lost kittens in this story by Caroline). Let us Christians be the ones who reach out with the Light flowing through our veins and take the hands of those wandering in darkness. Seek out the light.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Sore, tired, driving home from an eight hour trip, I was ready to be home.  We pulled into town after dark.  There was one thing left to be done.  Since we passed home, I dropped of James and Madison at home so they could start unpacking and getting a late dinner ready.  I headed out another thirty minutes to pick up our doggy, Tucker, from my sister’s house.  Zoned out, running through my check list, driving down a busy road, and suddenly, I am wide awake and pressing hard on the brakes.

The tiniest, I am guessing around a month old, kitten is running as fast as his little legs will carry him through the intersection.  My heart starts bleeding.  Plans change.  I turn around, pull into a dark lot, get out of my car, and start searching.  I am so happy and relieved to see the little bitty adorable…

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