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For new bloggers (me included in that), this is an excellent article about blogging from a very talented blogger with a great writing voice. ‘Opinionated Man’ has a voice that I think makes a great blog: Humor and straightforward-ness.

Brews and Views

Whether it’s 10 Things Not to Ask an Asian , 10 Reasons People Hate Me, Why My Blog is No Different From Yours or Why My Blog IS Different From Yours, it’s easy to see why readers keep coming back for more. As a new blogger, it was all the blogging articles that drew me in– from there I’ve been hooked. It’s fair to say I’ve spent a LOT of time reading articles on HarshReality the past few weeks…I think I’m becoming addicted to unfiltered, unfettered honesty.  Welcome to our latest interview in our Interviews series…

Jason Cushman has had quite the journey– literally.  From Pusan, South Korea to Jackson, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee and now residing in Colorado (at least at the moment) with his wife and two young daughters, I was grateful that the blogger many of us know simply as Opinionated Man (“OM”) took the…

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