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I went out at night. The dorm walls were suffocating me. The halls echoing with laughter and raucous voices. Grating on me.

Escape. I needed escape.

Out of the dorms I wandered.

Darkness behind the brick buildings. Lamplight glowing out of another world. Cold and still. The forest at my back, rising away into the darkness and the paths I knew so well at night. Asphalt beneath my feet.

A white stone there in the darkness. I reached out.

I knelt and began to draw. And draw. And draw. Words and shapes co mingling. A heart’s cry.

Coldness and night. But not alone. My Maker waiting with me, beside me, as I drew and returned each night to draw on the asphalt. My safe haven. My hope. I held onto it tightly, and my Maker held onto me.

In the darkness

I had hope