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I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I like being seen as more than something that’s just pretty. Especially when it comes to guys. You want them to like you, not just what you look like.

I was chatting with one of my guy friends a while ago (one of the very few that actively respects my relational boundaries, which explains why we’re still friends), and this topic came up. My friend likes to call me ‘beautiful’ and stuff like that just because it gets my temper up, and I put up with it because we’ve already had ‘the conversation’ and are on the same page on all that. He’s also one of the guys down south that I play soccer with, and who dubbed me ‘The Warrior,’ so he understands me fairly well.

That’s the background.

So, we were talking about compliments, and I said I’d rather be called ‘Kind’ or ‘Strong’ or something along those lines. Sure, the ‘beautiful’ compliment is honestly great, but I want to be more than that, and valued for more than that. Being ‘strong’ or ‘kind’ is something you have to work for, whereas ‘beautiful’ tends to happen more naturally. I want to be valued for the qualities I have to work at, more than the outward appearance God gave me.

I guess I’m saying I want to be more than a pretty face. I value my mom because she’s strong, outgoing, has a can-do personality, loves all of us, and is naturally beautiful. And I think that’s why my dad values her as well. I want to be valued the same way. I don’t want to become something useless–a pretty thing to put on the shelf and look at. I want to be loved for who I am.

I want to be more than something pretty.