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When I was sixteen or so I asked one of my gal friends to describe me. ‘Creative,’ was probably among her listings. As was ‘dancer,’ since we were both dancers (her, a ballet dancer, and me, a highland dancer). But the one that really stood out to me, and the one I really remember was: ‘Eccentric.’ When I laughed and asked her why she said that, she said, ‘Well, just look at your room.’ (God help me, so true).

I think how we decorate, what we like, and how we dress reflects who we are on the inside. I love reading and all things colorful and treasure-like, so that’s how I decorate (this includes the ceiling. Lord help me). It also translates into how I dress: A green trench coat that has seen better days, an elegant dress that’s beautiful but I bit too long for me (have tripped more than once on that dratted dress), and any sorts of outfits that make me feel like an elf. It’s beautiful–and eccentric.

I think every beauty is unique, just as every person is unique. I’ve heard ‘snowflake syndrome’ (or whatever they call it) made fun of before, but I think that’s not fair or true. Just as each snowflake is different, we are each beautifully and wondrously made–that is the Truth. We are each unique. Let’s find out who we are and be glad in it. We are precious, beloved creations of the Maker.