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This is a real and encouraging post. A very good read if you struggle with depression and anxiety.

dreaming the questions

Today as I walked into the building for outpatient hospitalization, I was happy. This confused me. The reason for my confusion was not that happiness is foreign to me (I have a great capacity for joy and silliness), but that I was about to start day six of intensive group therapy for my suicidal depression… And I was happy.

Sometimes I wonder if I am bipolar. At times I am so incredibly joyful and free-spirited and at times I am so deeply distressed and locked inside my head. I have been told by two psychiatrists now that they don’t believe I have bipolar. When I have severe ups and downs, they switch quickly, sensitive reactions to my thoughts and experiences. In most bipolar disorders, the different emotional states tend to last longer, at least for a week… We shall soon find out almost for sure what the official diagnosis is…

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