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In the tongue of ‘Riddley Walker,’ though of a different world…

This here is my schopan-tyl. I dont have no room 4 the woal of every thing that happent in Iyerneah jus the snort and tall of it.

Time back way way back the Moon come 2 her sistr Erth and giv Erth her chyld Gyel to rays. And wen Time come 4 a husbin 2 be chose 4 the gurl Erth brung a sun of the See calt Man Mac Mor 2 her.

Gyel wer 14 wen Man Mac Mor merd her. She dyd 9 ful moons layter wen she birtht 3 fare chylds with wyt hare and there farthers blu eys. Moon took 2 of the chylds from Man Mac Mor and mayd 1 kween of the Roring Boris and the othr the kween of the Moarning Stare.

At nite they cry 4 there sistr and Man Mac Mor follers the Moon beging 4 his doters. Earth wudnt aller the 2 sistrs 2 mery but the 3rd sister did mery and owt of her come the Fare Folk my peopl.

Norna is my name and wen I come 14 I wuz nevr 2 be the same agen.

         (On the day of my birth this wuz sung ovr me 2 be my song)

Yup and down

Haller round

Cry 2 the sky

Liv wyl I dy 


Schopan-tyl: Creation Tale (scieppan – Old English ‘to create’)

Iyerneah: Hibernia (ancient name for Ireland) / Yearn for

Snort and Tall of it: Long and short of it / Uncouth version, without fancy words

Gyel: Scottish Gaelic for bright/shining (gealach – the moon)

Rays: To raise in the rays of the moon

Man Mac Mor: Mannanan Mac Lir is the Scottish god of the sea. (mor – great)

Merd: Married / marred

Layter: Later / after she was laid with

Wyt hare: White hair / (also a reference to white animals in Celtic legend which have strange powers)

Roring Boris: Aurora Borealis, which is the castle of the Welsh goddess Arianrhod / Roaring

Kween: Queen

Moarning Stare: Morning Star/Mourning

Doter: Daughter (a German word) / to dote on

Aller: Allow to marry / allure young men

Fare Folk: Fair Folk/Fairies (Later taken over by the Keltoi invaders and used as sacrifices, thus ‘fare’ for the god they worshiped).

Norna: Doubly Cursed (nor / not)


Man Mac Mor following the Moon is how the tides came to be.