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It’s hard to explain what that is. Even within this species, there are many variations. Let me describe my own.

When I was seventeen or so I was dubbed ‘the disappearing fairy’ for my tendency to withdraw to my room when I was ‘peopled out’ and wanted to read or something (thus I was, naturally, an introvert).

As well as growing up in my head, I also grew up outside and was very comfortable entertaining myself for hours on end climbing trees, building forts, arranging hidden gardens, and playing with water beetles and frogs and ants.

Combine that with a vivid imagination and you get someone who loves playing pretend, loves her fairy dolls and stuffed animals, and learns by being, well, a kid (thank God for homeschooling. The best thing that could have ever happened to me).

As I grew older I (still) climbed trees, taught myself plant identification and the constellations, studied herb lore, dabbled in oceanography, read everything I could get my hands on about the Celts, and taught myself the Gaelic language through songs.

Not much has changed. I’m technically a ‘young adult’ but still enjoy entertaining myself. Whether that’s exploring the Sound in a kayak, going out backpacking, investigating new routes on my bike, or wandering the less-populated parks, I still enjoy being by myself.

Perhaps that’s a bit of Homeschooled-Introvert. Perhaps one can play into another. I don’t know.

Social events are interesting experiences. Namely, I enjoy secluding myself to avoid small talk and strangers, and turn into a bubbly and bantering young women when I’m in a comfortable environment.

Friends, too, are an interesting matter. I enjoy having a small group of friends. I like to know everything about them, and show them all my discoveries (from tree swallow nests, to a new book I’ve discovered, to some of my favorite pictures). I enjoy being able to talk with them and be at my ease.

This ease does not extend to guys. Especially the ‘moths to flame’ ones. It just gets annoying after a while. Maybe that’s an introvert thing, or maybe that’s just me. Guy friends are fun to banter with, play soccer with, and go backpacking with, but are fun for little else. Someday I will most likely invent a force field to repel them. It would certainly be handy.

But perhaps that’s the tomboy speaking. That’s another thing: The Introvert is also a Tomboy.

I shall describe a ‘tomboy’ as the following:

  • Prefers raggedy jeans, boy T-shirts, and ancient camping jackets to fancy clothes.
  • Likes (loves) to be able to do just about anything ‘as good as any boy’ (such as soccer, hiking, or being smart).
  • Doesn’t like wearing makeup much.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. The Tomboy loves being outdoorsy, and the Introvert loves being alone, and so the young woman follows her feet all over kingdom come. And The Homeschooler investigates anything that catches her fancy, which means she has an eclectic collection of bits and pieces and odds and ends that only amuse her. Thus, she becomes once more The Introvert.

Such is Life.