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Today our dorm room was called was called “quaint and cozy” by a visitor. I didn’t mind the ‘cozy’ bit, but the ‘quaint’ bit made me laugh. I feel like she was from some castle and I was from a lowly peasant cottage. Or perhaps she was just making a nice comment and I was in a funny mood to feel like a peasant. Who knows?

She looked around the room noting the pile of papers and random sticky notes on my desk, and the fact that my bed wasn’t made and a blanket was hanging down. I suspect she also noted that there were stacks of random foods atop the mini fridge, and that a couple of my knitting projects were placed precariously on top of my shelf of books.

Next, she toured our bathroom and commented on its surprising size (most bathrooms in the dorms are tiny, and we got lucky and so have a rather fair-sized one). She also noted that I had some laundry soaking in the sink. She said something along the lines of “I figured as much.”

I shrugged it off in my mind. My elf shirt and elf jeans had needed washing. You see, the elf jeans are a bit too long for me and I got the hems a bit dirty when I was traipsing through mud puddles on the way to class the other day. Peasants don’t end up wearing dainty shoes very often and so take the liberty of sloshing through mud puddles; which is not very civilized and could perhaps be called medieval. I am a rather backward peasant elf-girl.

Beware entering the cottage of a writer; she may put you in her book.

Anyways, when she had mentioned the laundry in the sink, I must admit that I smothered a laugh so that I would not be rude. For one, the elf shirt is of a delicate fabric and needs to be washed by hand. And for two, laundry is blasted expensive so I try to run a load of wash once every two weeks, and if something needs washing in-between those times then I just do it in the sink and then wash the sink out.

I will laugh once again and this time consider ‘quaint’ to be a compliment. Now I am content.