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Thucydides, on the Athenian Retreat: “…they were afraid of the suffering their unknown future might bring them. They hung down their heads and many thought themselves worthless.”


Faded Rose in a dying world. Does anyone see her? Does anyone care? Wilting Rose, faded glory, a masterpiece slowly drooping its head. Faded Rose in my windowsill, midnight silhouette bowed in defeat.

Faded Rose, she’s not unseen, can she even know, what that means? Faded Rose, dying slowly, nothing lasts forever, she’s dying inside. She cannot stand, nothing supports her. Cut off from life source, soon will die.

Red, red Rose; a symbol of love. What sort of love? All seems bitter. Clouded Rose, the water’s murky, she’s sinking down, does anyone care? Ghost town Rose, she stands at a cliff, the demons jeer, and her heart fades.

Beautiful Rose, do you see the Lover? Bright red blood, on Calvary’s hill. Fading Rose, please don’t die, please don’t cry, step back from the railing, step back from the cliff.

Precious Rose, your Lover sees you; His love surrounds you, each and every day. Dear, dear Rose, see the penned love letter in the Songs, a Man in love, He died for you.

Victorious Rose, rise from darkness, it’s Easter Sunday, death has no mastery. Rising Rose, dawn’s first light, the Morning Star rises, death is defeated! Victorious Rose, wave the banners, sound the horn, victory is here.

Rest, dear Rose, in your Lover’s arms. Jesus, He loves you, more than I can say. Dearest Rose, He sees and loves you, come into His arms, His strength is sufficient. Beloved Rose, walk with us, join the race, He’s always with us.

Heartbroken Rose, taste and see, that the LORD is good.