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There are intruders in my faery forest behind Eden’s Hall, and I don’t mean the keen-eyed raccoons that only show themselves at night. They are intruders with ill-smelling smoke and drugs. They leave garbage behind and make me choke. I’ve read their words, I hear the callings of their souls:





Cast aside


There are hidden stories slowly coming to the surface… An old abandoned warehouse where they went to escape Life; a broken family that tore them up; a moment in time where they made a mistake; a relationship that stole from them their soul; a little one abandoned by a parent.

I hear the echoes in the woods of countless college students dying inside.

Oh please come to Jesus, I cry for you, my heart breaks for you. He fulfills you, He is what you are seeking, He satisfies the longing. You are never alone when you ask Him into your heart; it won’t be easy in Life, but He will never abandon you, come what may. Will you listen? Please, take the hard shell off your heart, I promise that He will heal and soothe you.

Lost One, Jesus is the Way you are seeking.