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I’m writing this anecdote during the winter quarter at Western. I guess it’s that time of year again. There are students all over Western’s campus carrying orange and yellow plastic nerf guns and seeking to take out the ‘zombies,’ or perhaps it’s the ‘zombies’ taking out the ‘humans,’ I’m not sure.

It’s rather amusing to watch; perhaps sometime I will play.

I didn’t even know what was going on when I saw the odd phenomenon my first quarter of school. I nearly got bowled over by one of the ‘humans’ fleeing for their lives. After nearly having a heart attack, I came safely into the tiny classroom in Bond Hall wondering what on earth was going on. Were these people insane?!

My literature professor explained it; it was simply the zombie game that Westerners played every fall and spring. She was a fun professor for my first quarter of school; she reminded me a bit of myself though we had extremely differing beliefs. She would sit on her desk and talk to us from there, and she always had rather wild fairy hair. She liked to hastily run her fingers through her hair to make it even more wild when she came to a dramatic point in the discussion.

She would always say whatever comment we had was interesting, and sometimes would ask difficult questions that were a fun challenge to answer. She also told us stories briefly before class started.

She told of the time a group of students decided to play a prank on the bell tower on campus. You see, the bells chime the hour in a fine rhythm of tone ending with a mysterious chord. Well, one day the students decided to mess with the wires and rig it up to play some hilarious rock-and-roll tune (or something of the like).

She also had some interesting class rules that she explained our first day of classes. If we were late for class we had to make a dramatic entrance; sauntering in ten minutes late with coffee in hand was unacceptable. There were some pretty hilarious entrances. One fellow came yelling across Red Square, feet pounding the ground. He threw open the door, nearly tripped over a desk, and then settled his tall and lanky self in a chair as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I nearly died laughing.

Another day a girl with bright pink hair came bursting in the other door, fell to her knees begging pardon and quoting Shakespeare, then meekly inquired if she might rise to her feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pursuing a major in theatre. We all laughed. I think I may have laughed the loudest; but that’s not unusual, plus I needed a laugh that day.

Yup, besides nearly getting run over that one day, my first quarter at Western was rather fun, and certainly very interesting.