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It was a fine Washington day (namely, overcast and slightly rainy), and our family had gone over to another family’s house for a BBQ.

Since I was the only girl present, I could either talk with the adults or play airsoft with the boys, I had next to no interest in playing the boys’ video games and listening to some of their scout jokes. I decided giving airsoft a go would be an adventure. I could shoot a recurve bow and arrows, but not a gun; I’d never really tried guns before.

The boys were very patient. They fitted me out with a pair of goggles like we all had to wear, then graciously gave me the shotgun (they said if Duer had it, we’d all get annihilated). Baird, Ian, and I were on one team, while Duer, Eachann, and Joe (their Asian exchange student) were on the other team.

Our team had the woods, the other team set up their fort quite literally on the back porch. Lawn chairs and an overturned picnic table is apparently the ideal barricade. This suited me fine. I found out I was fairly natural at accurate shots aimed at small targets like the thin space between the deck and the overturned table. Once, I aimed for fun at a knot high in a tree–and I hit it dead on. Running targets were harder to hit I found. I also discovered the fine art of ducking quickly after I’d taken my shot; Duer apparently was quite the shot, and I got hit in the tooth once.

All in all, it was a dandy fun time.