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Relax, enjoy, you are destined for great things.

I love fortune cookies. The bit of boost and self-help needed for the day.

Last I checked, self helping self doesn’t work out too well. Come to think of it, self-help doesn’t seem to be getting the world much of anywhere–they’re just going in aimless circles with their noses in a useless bit of prose.

How about outside help?

No, everyone I see is in the same boat as me. Prose doesn’t help; perhaps I should read a bit of poetry on kelp. Help the kelp, save the sinner.

Next time I need help, I’m looking up at the face of God. I’ll lay on the banks of the Chetco River, my Bible held above my head, and I’ll read the day away.

Besides, the fortune cookie said to relax and enjoy. I think I’ll do just that.