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Mulier est hominis confusio

(Woman is man’s confusion)

-Chauntecleer the Cock, The Nun-priest’s Tale

We all know the boys I am talking about, they’re as confused by us as we are confused by them. They are as different from us girls as night is from day. There’s no telling what’s on their minds. They say we’re confusing, well, they’re just as confusing.

Make up your minds; just make up your minds. Perhaps we should get translators to strap to their foreheads and read their brains. That way we’ll be tipped off to what is going on up there, or perhaps we’ll never figure them out, do they even think? Are do we do all the thinking? Nope, can’t be true, perhaps we are the ones not thinking.

Talk to me, just talk to me. Listen to me, listen to me. If you don’t know, then just ask. What happened to communication? No one knows the lost art anymore. Talk sweetly to me, I adore it, but only do so if you mean it. Don’t leave me confused, please don’t leave me confused. Careful little boy, you’re playing with a heart of glass and it will shatter easily.

I’m a peacemaker, if I explode it’s because I’ve tried to keep the peace too long and an outburst is eminent from all the words I’ve kept pent up. Don’t try to understand our emotions; we girls don’t even understand them. Careful little boy, be oh so careful; you’re not a man yet, you have a lot of growing up left to do.

I’m pretty, and I act like it, I’m oh so lovely. Sometimes I yell though and am having a bad day, what did you expect? I’m a girl, I’m human, and I have a sin nature the same as you. I have a beautiful heart, so lovely, and so precious, be oh so careful with it.

Brothers in Christ, oh brothers in Christ, I will give you the key to unlock this mystery: I am a woman, I am different from you, talk with me, let’s figure this out. Let’s talk to God, and we’ll manage to get along.