I was born a fairy, not a human. Bright as the dawn, hidden as the violet. Blending into trees, high above where no one would see my changing eyes and hear my shaking laughter. Fay dancing in the moonlight, wild and free. Midnight streets call to me, and I walk where the werewolves tread, up into the forest to the tower, the city like a sea of stars below me and the wind rushing through the trees as they bend to its will. I hear every cry, and how does Criosd stand it? I dreamed I walked on water, running across its dark surface in the night. No one could catch me. I called songs up from the depths, and saw the dancing in the music, and others danced it. I walked as a shadow, dark in the rain. Silent footfall. Never seen. I am the Fay, my own name. My own name, always and forever.