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I suppose I must explain what ‘homegroup’ is before I begin my story. Homegroup is a group of Christian families (usually from a particular church) that meet together to hang out, eat food, laugh a lot, talk a lot, and talk about God and His Word. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. After we do all that, we kids usually retire to the upstairs. If it’s at the Kerr house then we all retire to little Elen and Belle’s room since they have the most space for all of us brothers and sisters to pile into.

I can’t for the life of me remember how it began, but we dubbed the window seat as ‘purgatory’ (I think it might have been because that’s where we told our little brothers to sit), and so then quite naturally ‘heaven’ was the top bunk of the bed because it was situated higher than the window seat.

When someone ‘died’ in our game of Mafia, they either went to purgatory or heaven. There were equal dangers to both places. If you were in purgatory you risked squirming until the cushion slipped off and you fell on the hard wood floor, and if you were in heaven you risked falling off the ladder that ascended to the top bunk (the ladder had a bad habit of moving, it wasn’t very steady for climbing).

There, now I believe I have given you enough information to go on. I shall now continue the story…

Okay, so it was after homegroup and all of us kids were upstairs in Elen and Belle’s room playing Mafia. I was the Narrator, and, as such, was perched in purgatory because that was my preference. I think I had just finished saying “Angel, go to sleep” when the largest and hairiest spider I have ever seen began inching across the floor in front of my friends.

I snatched up one of the pillows and leapt down from purgatory yelling, “Everyone wake up!” I trapped the spider underneath the pillow, and everyone opened their eyes and started pelting me with questions. I couldn’t answer because I was laughing so hard, fully aware of how ridiculous I looked and how odd the situation was. (Well, think of it–you have been playing a nice fun and simple game and are thinking of who might be murdered next, when suddenly your narrator yells for you to wake up and comes leaping off of her perch, and smacks a pillow onto the floor for no apparent reason).

I finally managed to gasp out that it was a spider. Instantly, the boys dashed to safety. If I remember correctly; Braiden rather hastily clambered up the ladder of the bunk, and the rest either scattered or found high ground. Which I think is hilarious, but it might just come of their being younger brothers (except Sior. What is it? Two minutes? Sine rolls her eyes, “Oh yes, two lousy minutes,” she says, then grins). But in their defense, if any one of us girls were in trouble then they would not hesitate to take care of it. Also, the first time I saw the big house spiders in our house I literally screamed and mom had to come rescue me.

Anyway, I do believe Treasa fetched a napkin and we dispatched of the spider. (I’m not sure who did the actual crushing, if it was me, then I am very proud of myself because I am terrified of the big spiders, but more likely it was Treasa who did it).

What a time of it! Unfortunately, that was our last game for the evening, Mr. O’Sheas came to tell us that it was time for the O’Shea kids to go, (which means the rest of us would soon follow, domino effect unfortunately).

Well, that’s the Mafia Spider Incident.