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Fairies don’t exist, right? That’s what most people believe. Dogs know better, dogs can be incredibly smart—at times.

My mom has always loved prisms. I love them too; they are full of color and light. They make fairies dance upon the walls and furniture of the house. Fairies love to dance; I know this because I am part fairy and I am always dancing through the house, though I cannot dance on the walls and ceiling like a full-blood fairy.

It is on sunshine days (and during dinner) that the fairies dance. And Maezie Grace (the youngest dog in the family, a golden retriever) sees them. She makes us laugh because she loves these flittering lights so much. We ask her if she sees any Tinkerbells, and she instantly perks up. Her brown eyes flicker from our faces to the walls, trying to detect if Tinkerbell is present.

Sometimes Tinkerbell comes out during dinner when light reflects off the silverware. My brother is especially adept at summoning Tinkerbell, it makes us laugh. We laugh because Maezie is so entranced and addicted to the light.

I wish humans were like that. I wish I was addicted to the light. One day I will be in heaven with the Light of the World, and then I will be entranced by the Lover of my Soul. That will be a grand day indeed.