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Her cat was sick.

When cats are ready to die, their bodies deteriorate and they want to wander off to die alone.

Her cat tried to walk (the cat was her baby and best friend), but she couldn’t because her hips were failing her. It was more of a painful crawl across the floor, hips disjointed and collapsing, her fur limp and her skin hanging, the sweet-smell of her fur replaced with the smell of death (she had noticed this acrid smell when she visited home from university and buried her face in the cat’s soft fur; the girl, at least, knew it had been coming). It broke the girl’s heart.

The girl stayed up all day and night with the cat, and she didn’t mind. She loved that cat.

Sometimes the cat would rest in her special pile of blankets. At times like that, the girl would catch some sleep.

Then the cat would try wandering with that crawl that broke the girl’s heart. The girl would wake up (Usually because the cat tried throwing up but couldn’t. The girl awoke at the sound because she was sleeping lightly).

The girl picked her up gently and carried her around the night-silent house to alleviate the cat’s need to wander.

The girl didn’t cry much, because she’d already learned that past year that tears just exhausted her, and sometimes she just needed to move forward in life and not cry.

When morning came, she went with her dad to the vet. This was a first. But it was her cat, and she could handle the overwhelming sadness (this may sound silly, but she loved that cat a lot).

She couldn’t go inside though. She let her dad carry her cat in. Both she and her dad cried. She didn’t look at the bundle when her dad came out again.

She wasn’t there when her dad and mom buried her cat. She went with her brother and his friends to a movie instead. Later, when no one was at home and peering over her shoulder, trying to be a comfort, she put rose petals on the grave as a last token and goodbye.

She’s so tenderhearted. She still misses her cat.

Colleges should let students have cats in their dorms.

At least her cat—the cat—died while the girl was home from school.

Sometimes, sometimes, the girl thinks it would help if she had a kitten to love.

Perhaps when she’s done with university. It was hard saying goodbye to Lu every time she left home again.