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After a time, they got called back to the house, and they stayed up late playing guessing games and Mafia. When it was time to go home, she was to take Baird home. Breasil needed a ride too. She had the Scout Van (as it was called) that she and Little Elen had driven up in, and there was plenty of room.

It was late, and they were silly. Baird sat up front as navigator; Breasil navigated from the back seat. They joked and teased and listened to loud music. Breasil’s house was the first stop-off, since it was closest. After dropping him off with fond adieu, she and Baird drove to Millersylvania Park where Troop 226 was camping out.

It was a merry time. They joked about sasquatches (now, she can’t remember why, she just remembered that at that time—1a.m. or so in the morning—it was incredibly funny). She told Baird that if any jumped out, he would have to protect her.

When they reached the park, he jumped out to get the gate (which had been closed, to their near-panic). She dimmed the lights so he wouldn’t be blinded. When he got the gate to open, he turned and grinned, doing a happy dance. She laughed.

He swung the gate all the way open, and then hopped back into the car and they drove in to the park. When she dropped him off, she told him to be careful, because it was dark. She watched till he had gone, then waited a while longer just to be sure he was all right. Then she drove home again.

In the company of such friends, she was content, happy, and safe.

Good friends. Good times. Good memories.