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Quest of a knight, through winterlands cold. Winter buffets, white reigns, wanderer grey abroad. Longing for mercy, but not finding it. Longing for a familiar hearth, but in vain. See the story forming before your eyes? Feel it flowing from your tongue? You shall become a mabinogi, an apprentice to the Bard.

Cat and mouse; wind plays with the knight. His fate is fixed. Where has kindness gone? Where is the promised hope? Where is the giver of protection? Where is God in this godless land? All has gone, all has gone, all has gone…

Wind snatches helm away, long dark hair like a raven’s wing in a world of snow. A princess in the guise of a knight–no one will protect her. She is in a far land; it’s only her and God Almighty now. God protects her.

One weary foot in front of the other, jaw clenched in determination. “Wyrd!” she calls, “You do not control me! My fate is not fixed! Come if you dare, I will not be driven back without a fight!”

HOwling wind, sTinging cold.






Forest-Lost Lass

Feel the rhythm of the words on your tongue, feel the beat of the bodhran drum echoing through your soul. Port-a-beul—a nonsense song no one understands because it’s in a different language.  

Cut off from homeland. Alone, alone.

Gray wolf calls.

Birds of prey waiting for downfall of a noble heart.

She stumbles, knee-deep in snow. She laughs, undefeated. She gets to her feet and continues on.

Vanish from sight, a cloak of white. Whither she wanders, not even she knows.