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So, I went to the front desk of Eden’s Hall after emptying the garbage and recycling, chatted with Anna a bit and nabbed a vacuum, then headed back up to the dorm room. I said hi to Keita then plugged the vacuum in.

I yelped and jumped backward as the vacuum started suddenly with a loud whirring sound. I hastily unplugged the vacuum and calmed down, then laughed at myself.

Keita came over to help me, and we eventually found the ‘off’ switch for the vacuum. Then I couldn’t figure out where in tarnation the switch was for getting the vacuum to unlock into a more maneuverable position.

I said to Keita: “See? Vacuum cleaners last so long that they’re outdated by the time the next generation comes along, and no one knows how to use them.”

Keita laughed, and we continued to try to figure out how to unlock the vacuum.

I finally said I’d just vacuum with it in its present position, and I turned the blasted thing on. Then I wondered if it perhaps unlocked itself when it was turned on, I pushed on the switch and found it did. Then I was thoroughly proud of myself.

Yup, that was my adventure for the day. Quite eventful, wasn’t it? The strangest things seem to amuse me… But if I made someone laugh, I shall consider myself a success.