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I am tentative to describe true womanhood since I am a tomboy and not very ladylike at times. I love backpacking and camping, prefer jeans and a T-shirt to a dress, and am known for being stubborn and opinionated. However, despite these seeming faults, I shall do my best to describe what true womanhood is.

In archaic Greece, women were mainly kept to their houses and were not allowed out in public. This proved true even for women in eighteenth-century America.

I am a woman of the twenty-first century. I go to college and do quite well, I wear a kilt instead of a skirt when competing in the highland dances against boys, I go on lengthy backpack trips deep into the mountains, and I love speaking my mind in public when I have a chance.

In all these senses, I do not possess ‘true womanhood,’ if that’s how you measure it. Let me oh-so-tentatively venture to describe what real womanhood means:

  • It is when you offer encouraging words to a friend when they are feeling down, as I have done for my brothers and sisters in Christ, and as they have done for me.
  • It is helping around the house after your mom has surgery.
  • It is listening to your brother play guitar, and when he listens to you read one of your writings to him.
  • It is putting down homework when a friend needs to talk or just wants to chat.
  • It is gently holding someone as they cry.
  • It is being a prayer warrior and someone who digs into God’s Word.
  • It is being God’s beloved, not for anything you do, but just because you are precious to Him and He chose to love you.
  • It is honoring your elders and spending time with the little ones.
  • Perhaps it is even teaching little ones Bible verses while holding the youngest in your arms, and feeling her grasping at your shirt with her tiny hands as she attempts to stumble over the words (which I think are the some of the most precious of sounds to God’s ear).
  • It is seeing these little ones grow up and copycat you by spending time with those younger than them.
  • It is laughter even in trials, and joy always deeply engrained on the heart.
  • It is dressing with modesty and protecting your brothers in Christ.
  • It is serving where God calls you to serve, but also taking time to rest.
  • It is a heart devoted to God all the days of your life.
  • It is all this and more.

That is true womanhood.