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A haunted house. A sanctuary. A place I called my own.

My home.

Filled with ghosts.

Sin, it is so destructive. Your selfishness destroyed my home. Yes, the building still stands. Yes, I still call it my own, but you domineered it. And in domineering, destroyed. I’m so afraid of being destroyed.

I tried fleeing. Settle up north. Settle down south. Can I come home? I want to come home. My church–my home. Flee, I will not let you hold sway over my life. My past is my past. Let there be a future. Let this awful ache inside heal and fade.

Oh God, I can’t heal. It hurts, it hurts. I feel buried alive, inside. I can’t heal. I can’t move forward. Young man, you turned me into a cowering wreck of a woman.

I’m haunted inside.

Oh Jesus, save me. Save me from these ghosts. Never let your love let go of me. Your love is as strong as the grave. Jesus, hold me. Hold me, this night.