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Once upon a time there was a kingdom under the sea. And in that kingdom lived a beautiful princess–a young mermaid. Her eyes were as green as the sea, grey as a stormy sky, and as blue as the depths where the whales swim. Her tail glimmered with all the colors of the rainbow and was banded in gold, and she garbed herself in sailcloth from the shipwrecks of the kingdom above, embroidering them with all manner of patterns and gems.

She was very different from ordinary mermaids though, and very different from most princesses. She loved to wander the sea depths alone, and seldom invited any into her world and hideaways. No one knew the kelp forests as well as she did. No one else knew the habits of the seals, and where to find the whales. No one knew the sea caves as she did, and where to find the Fire Stones from the volcanic Earth’s crust. No one else knew the gentle stillness of moonlight glimmering on the waves above, filling her eyes with light. Only she knew. Only she knew.

The whalesongs were her own, as common to her as her own breath. She would send them out from her mouth in hypnotizing patterns, filling the faraway seas with her songs, as haunting as the first dawn of creation.

One day the sea caught up her song in a seashell and drew it to the shore, leaving it on the high tide–a gift for someone to find.

That is a story long in the telling. How a man of human blood came to dwell in the sea, in the immortal realm. Forever and a day? Who can say. It is a tale too long in the telling. A tale caught up in a seashell, within its swirling chambers of rainbows and light.

It is a secret. Farewell.