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Poetry Sketches

-Of the Pacific Northwest- 

Drab little hummingbird

Every day

In the thorn tree

As I walk to class

Coarse little voice

Always alone

Sing to me

I hear your song

In the dead of winter


Skitter of killdeer

Blend with the stones

With the rain and


But I see you

As you move among

The pools of water

Near the harbor

Where the scent of the sea

is strong


Cry of the gulls

I know, I know

Longing for the sea

Consumes me



A selkie

I know

your harbor haunts

The silence as you rise

The depths in your eyes


Goodness sakes

Just let me sleep

Can’t you sing

Your trilling song


Someone else’s window?

Yes, yes

You’re impressive

And yes, I’m Faerie as well

Little Prince

But please,

go bother someone else

I will not consent

to be led off

to Faeryland with you



I hear you scrabbling

Among the dead leaves

Near your nest

And a good day to you too

So near my Faerie trail


Junco nest of

Tall Grass, dried

Woven to be cozy

on the inside

Tossed about by the wind

Just for a Wanderer to find


Flitter, flitter

Skip beneath Sword Fern–

Twice now

I laugh

I have found your nest!

Tiny babies within

Black eyes blinking

Gray, downy fur

They look little like you–



Robins red

Promise of spring

Flowers to come

The world to awaken

Life in my world once more

Winter will soon be over


Little wren

Red spot of blood

Let me in

From the cold

Peer in window

So tiny

Little Friend,

do not freeze


Stag on midnight walk

Through the silent campus

On my birthday

Through the silent campus

Lamp lights bright glow

Woodland beckon

And you come

Not afraid

Creature of the Wild

I salute you

Lord of the Wood