Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a land of illusion. In that land was a twisted form of the nectar of God. Like all things in this land, it was only an illusion, and it poisoned all those who drank of it.

This man wandered many years in this land, broken, and hurting, and searching. He drank and drank and drank, and was never satisfied. And the nectar made him its slave.

Once upon a time there was an ancient wise woman of the fay. She took his hand for a time and led him on the good path, binding up and healing. She had done this many times before, with many broken people. It was her gift.

In time, like many of the other people she had helped, the man went his own way. The wise woman was very sad, but she left him with these fay words:

“Whatever sin is bound to you, so you will bind it to the one who binds herself to you. It is a terrible burden to bear, and brings only harm and pain. Believe me, I know. Pray to God for spiritual healing, for only His Hand can heal you.

“Seek those of the ancient and wise to keep you and help you. We of the fay kingdom are here to aid you. But not me. My time here in this land of illusion is done. I have completed the task set before me, and I journey onward.”

A blinding light shone, and all was illuminated. “Walk in the light, and leave darkness and death behind you. There is the path ahead.”