Once upon a time there was a woman who was a witch. She caused only pain and suffering, and she ruled her world carefully, taking what she wanted and commanding those subject to her.

Once there was a woman who entered the witch’s domain. She had a heart of kindness and courage, and her eyes saw to the soul of everyone she met. It was to her the hurting and broken came, for they knew that with her there was refuge and healing.

The witch did not like the woman, and she did everything she could to drive her away. She belittled her, and repaid honor and kindness with disdain. She called the woman a second choice. She called the woman’s kindness hatred toward herself, thinking that the woman lived the same way she herself did. She cast shadows across the woman’s character.

And to the outside world it would appear that the witch had won. The woman left the witch’s domain. But the shadows of the witch could not stick to the woman. Her beauty was undimmed, and the beauty of her character shone through all the more when everything seemed darkest.

The witch did not win. The great God of the woman’s heart won, though at a great cost. And the unseen evil in the world shuddered and fled.