I’ve had several lists over the years. This is, what? My fifth? Sixth?

What is the list for, you ask? Why, for a guy, of course!

I’ve read articles where ‘lists’ are praised, and other articles where they are condemned. My opinion is that a healthy list goes a long way in evaluating guys for a potential future spouse.

Over the years my list has morphed. The more I walk through Life, the more I learn.

I probably wrote my first list when I was sixteen or so and started wearing the slim gold band I called my Promise Ring. It was a decent list, but not very specific. After all, what does ‘godly’ really mean? Well, I know a lot of what it doesn’t mean. Just because the guy goes to church doesn’t mean he’s godly. Just because he gets on his knees before God doesn’t mean he truly loves God. Just because he sings on the worship team doesn’t mean he’ll treat you right.

Here is my narrowed field of vision. My Prince will be:




His words must hold weight

As spiritually mature as I am

In God’s Word all the time

Believes in Biblical Creation

Not weak-willed


Talks with God a lot

Trustworthy (he acts worthy of trust)


Never tries to control me

Is not demeaning

Listens to me

Values me

Treats me like a jewel

Honors me

His words fill me with life

Never manipulatives me or anyone else

He must also love me and know that “Me” comes with a few things. The first is who I am: A dance teacher, a writer, and someone who will homeschool her kids and be a stay-at-home mom. “Me” also comes with a decently large yard for my beloved gardening, and dogs and cats in the house. Lastly, it comes with the great outdoors. Separate me from my beloved mountains and mountaineering, and I’ll wither away to nothing.

He’s out there, and I can’t wait to meet him.