Glimpses and snatches. Memory of might. A world of dreams. From the ashes. Reborn.

Wake up slowly. Campfire smoke in my hair. Light patterns and leaf shadows dance across the tent above. The campground is getting up. Those dratted blue camp robbers are squawking, and one dog barks at another. I’ll just watch you sleep, my love. Or I’ll wake you softly with a kiss.

I’ll draw you down to the sea. And the sun will shine warm on my back. And I’ll feel safe with you here at my side. Your words will fill me with life. You are the one taking care of me, and yet, letting me be me. You’ll always be the one walking by my side. You’ll always be the one who loves me. Me–for who I am.

I’ll grow you a beautiful garden, and make you a beautiful home. And I’ll fill your mouth and soul with goodness. And I’ll never be a slave to fear. I’ll be able to submit because you love me. And you’ll love me as I love you. It will be more than a feeling, yet filled with feelings. And it will be as strong as death.

Our rafters shall be the great mountain trees, and we’ll wake to mist on the lake and clouds skirting the icy peak. At sunset the wind will still, and the stars will rise, and the night will belong to us, and us alone. And there is a moment much like meeting God face to face. For a moment, heaven will be in our eyes.

In the rain we’ll be safe, safe here at home, the grey sky and green surround just out the window. There will be warmth, hearth, and peace. Books to read. There will be music and dancing. And I’ll always be worth the world to you. I’ll never be afraid. You’ll be with me until God calls you home.