It’s sunny and beautiful, and our studies do not matter. Here we are balancing between two trees, hovering above the shadows and sunlight on the lawn. We’re as different as can be: You, with your quiet ways, blonde hair, blue eyes, and love of math. And me, with my outspoken talkativeness, my brown hair, hazel eyes, and disgust of anything complex and numerical. But if I had a twin sister for this season in my life, you’d be her.

We’re slack-lining on this beautiful day at Western. You ask me if I’m sure that I’ve never done this before. I guess my dancer balance is paying off. And then after a time I’ll weary of it and let you have a go at balancing, and I’ll collapse on the grass and run story ideas past you. A caterpillar crawls across my hand, and I photograph it, and you, and my sneakers surrounded with raggedy hem. And I’ll breathe in the sunlight, and enjoy this beautiful day.

Sure, I’ll remember my classes (and wish I’d been able to skip out on some), but I’ll remember most the times like these. That’s what college is about. That is what life is about. Life isn’t about money. Life isn’t about how many degrees you get. Life isn’t about sick parties. Life is about moments like these, spent with friends, balancing between earth and sky, and looking to the world ahead.