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There is something about the night that is enchanting. Just like our day, the night also has a rising light: Moonrise. Until the moon comes in all its glory though, the night belongs to the stars. And in that airy darkness, they shine brightly.

I once heard Queen Esther (if there ever was a star, it was her) compared to a diamond. A diamond shines all the more on a black background. She shone when there was darkness all around her.

God gave her a wondrous gift: Beauty. Both on the inside and on the outside. And courage. I think beauty and courage go hand-in-hand. Just like any gift, it must be accompanied by courage. I don’t think courage is the lack of fear. Courage is feeling fear and yet still choosing to do the right thing.

It would have been much more comfortable to do nothing, at least for the time being (living with herself afterward would have been much harder). She could have just lounged in her jewels and perfumes and many, many comforts. But it’s a narrow path we walk. And sometimes that path is very difficult.

I think Esther knew that God loved her, and that her people also loved her and were praying for her. I think that’s what gave her the strength she needed to go before the king to plead for her people’s lives. True love does strange things to people. Knowing that God loves me (is there for me, cares for me, fights for me, and never ever leaves me) is my lifeblood. I cannot survive without it. It gives my whole body life.

I hope I will always shine like a star in the universe. I hope I will always declare the glory of God. I hope to be like Esther–that enchanting star of the dark night.