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Romance is in the little things.

I like being learned about. I like to be asked questions. I like being listened to. I love interaction. I hate when I feel like I’m prying information out of someone. I hate it when I realize my personality is overpowering theirs.

I love openness. I love it when a guy is open with me, and is good with me being open to him. Some of the worst words I ever heard from a guy were about my writings: “They’re too personal.” I like being personal. His loss.

Flowers are nice. Orchids, lilies, roses, baby’s breath. Something tangible to hold, smell, feel. See, I like gifts. I like thoughtful gifts. I like knowing the guy knows me, and knows what I like.

Handwritten notes are nice. I love words. I love life-giving words. I like special treasures that are made especially for me, and me alone.

Words spoken to me are important too. I like feeling valued for who I am. “You look beautiful today.” “I admire your kind words to so-and-so.” “I think it’s neat that you’re a go-getter.” “I like that you’re honest and have integrity.” “You need a quiet evening? We’ll just stay in then and do something relaxing.”

Holding hands is nice. Kisses on the cheek are nice (making me feel loved without insisting on the close intimacy of kissing on the mouth). Always asking before kissing is smart.

Food is awesome. Love love love good food. Yum yum. I feel loved when I’m taken out for food, and the guy never comments on the price. I don’t like feeling like I’m a burden, or when he makes me feel like one. That’s not very nice.

Keeping promises is important. Being trustworthy is important. So is being Christlike. And he’s got to take himself somewhat lightly, because I like to tease and make myself playfully bothersome.

Movies are nice. I like movies. Good ones though. I like adventure, and daring, and romance. Or just adventure and daring. That works too. Or slow ones with good stories. And no nasty material. Yuck.

Humility to allow himself to be served is important too. I like doing things for people. I like serving, and I like giving gifts. I especially like making gifts, and having those gifts be valued.

Romance is in the little things that make up a day. And this pattern of living can last a lifetime. It’s meant to.