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I went to see an author speak the other day at our local bookstore. He had come to the school where my dad teaches, and had done a presentation there. My dad had texted me about it. By that point I’d spent my whole day indoors (it was stormy) editing my book, and I was ready to get out of the house.

I stood in the back to watch, disappearing behind a bookshelf when an employee came to take a picture of everyone present. I waited, people-watching. Eventually this will be my audience: Kids like these, and the adults who sometimes read to them. But not yet. I have an adult story to tell first.

After a time, the author (Brandon Mull) came out. He had a grim face. I thought, “Oh great. Another author who doesn’t like speaking in front of people.” But then he got warmed up. He talked of his various fantasy series, and the crowd warmed to him as he warmed to them. These kids had lived alongside his characters, and they loved them. He laughed, and they laughed. Through a book, he had reached out and touched their lives.

I want to have an impact like that. I want to reach out and touch lives. I want to create a world for them to see and live in. I want to breathe life into them. I am made in the image of God, and God has made me creative. May I always use this gift for Him.