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It takes courage to publish–to put your life out there for the world to see.

I’ve heard a lot on the subject. “Your writings are too personal,” one guy told me. “Just be careful what you put out there,” another cautioned. “You can’t have both. Either be married, or be an author.”

Some have hints of wisdom, but most comments just make me scared.

I started this blog on a whim, wondering if I’d have any readers for what I liked to write about. It’s more than a bit scary, finally getting out there. I’d had rejection upon rejection upon rejection for the work I’d submitted to various literary journals. I wanted to finally have some readers. And I found a way.

I seem to find time to write in the spaces between. I tend to do things in spurts. I’ll throw myself into a very taxing job for several months, get burned out, and then move on. When I started this blog, I’d just quit a very demanding job, trying to preserve my sanity. I’d played around with WordPress once before, having submitted an author website plan for a class final. I knew the basics, and so, why not?

I plan to make this a regular thing now. I have a story to share, and people to connect with.

Look out world, here I come.