This is beautiful, true, and good.

I did a similar thing when I was working at a middle school. The assignment was for the kids to cut out pictures in magazines and then sort them into categories. Now, it wasn’t a porn magazine, but the ads were for things that my boys didn’t need to see. I made a point that that was not a good thing to look at, and I tore it out and threw it away, and I was blessed when they followed my lead and did the same.

Right is right. And wrong is wrong.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

It literally disgusts me. Going about my business and then that creepy, skin crawling feeling of “that.” Turning my head and seeing some pervert eyeing me like I am something not human to be drooled over.

Men that see women, treat women, as nothing more than their looks, as objects. Pornography. A side note does not do justice to the evil of reducing women to an online or magazine or movie sexual object to be used and discarded. Scientifically, there is a direct relationship between pornography and sexual addiction, destruction of the family, sex trafficking, rape, and even murder.

But this article is not to address pornography and men.

Momma Bear sees the world through a new lens.

Memories of girl time. I was teaching my (then 6 year old) daughter to do what girls do best. Shop. Madison and I are strolling through the mall and enjoying our time…

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