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I had a dream once (while awake. I guess that’s called a vision). I was in the middle of a raging river. There was a rock ahead. And on that rock, a Man. He reached out to me, pulled me to safety, and promised to never let me go. “That raging river is the events of life. I am reaching for you, and you are reaching for Me. I will not let you go,” He told me.

There are confused people living all around you. There are events that you cannot control. It’s a lot like Gandalf told Frodo in Lord of the Rings: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” You have next to no say in how people around you will act. You have next to no say in how life will play out. You have no control over that river. But, you can choose to reach out to Jesus.

Someone you trusted may betray that trust and hurt you emotionally. Doing the right thing at a job might, out of the blue, end up costing you that job. That future you had in your mind’s eye might be shattered in an instant. That church you thought would be home might end up being filled with ridiculous social drama. You can’t control that.

But perhaps that relationship ended for your protection. God’s promises are true: He has someone out there for you. Perhaps God wanted you to write that first book, to get published, to speak love into other’s lives. Perhaps God was leading you to that church where you are at now, with a pastor you respect, and people who love you, and a group of peers who are a blessing to you.

God’s always reaching out for you. He knows right where you’re at. He’s got you, and nothing (and I mean NOTHING) can separate you from His love.