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I don’t want to be a slave. This woman has plenty enough slaves without adding me to their number. I have the key to my freedom though: Forgiveness. How she acted and what she said was wrong–very wrong. But I won’t be her slave. Let her be a slave to what she’s done. Let her continue to live out of her insecurity. Let her continue in the way she’s lived all these years. You reap what  you sow. God is a just god, and He’ll deal with her.

My key is forgiveness, and then to let God heal me. No one can steal my beauty. No one can steal who I am. As the pastor said today, my value is in God. May she find her value in God too so she can stop acting so ridiculously and just grow up. May God continue to grow in me. I’m finally learning forgiveness. It’s a process, and it will be a process, but I’m finally learning what it means. I’m older now, so I think that’s part of it. And I know I have the freedom to be my own self and choose my own way. I don’t have to be a slave to people who act like that.

There is a form of Christianity where Jesus has set the person free, but they have not yet left their jail cell. They’re still living in darkness, and they reek of their filth. They have been given power by the Spirit, but they don’t walk by the Spirit. They are lost children. May they let Jesus change their hearts, minds, and way of living.