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I found it when I needed it most.

It was autumn. It was my first year off at university. I needed the solitude and long walks with God. I talked to Him a lot, still do. He tells me He loves me. How can He when this happened to me?

I thought if you did everything perfectly, you wouldn’t get a broken heart. Was this punishment for something I’d done wrong? What had I done wrong?

I love you.

I know it, I want to believe it, but I’ll broken if He proves false. What then will I have to cling to? Is God like man?

The faery trail followed the edge of the arboretum behind my dorm. I followed it down an old, cracked sidewalk, tasting the blackberries in the brambles, red staining my fingers and mouth.

The leaves were red and gold, green and yellow—the sky a brilliant, robin’s egg blue. I took lots of pictures. I needed to record the memories, even if I felt sad inside and very alone.