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I want to catch a guy’s eye, dressed in hiking clothes and rugged boots.

I want to catch a guy’s eye as I move about the kitchen.

I want to catch a guy’s eye as I reach out in kindness to a friend in need.

I want him to say: “This girl can climb mountains with me. She’ll go adventuring with me. She’ll be a wonderful homemaker and mother. I love how she laughs and I love how her eyes sparkle. She can make beauty out of next to nothing. I love her creativity and how she stubbornly takes on the world. This girl is going places, and I want to walk alongside her.”

I want him to walk those hard paths with me. I seldom choose easy paths. Sure, I like leisure and my quiet time, but I also love a good challenge. Life’s an adventure. He’ll have to be an adventurer. There’s a world out there waiting for us.