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“…and it was one of those where the only way to rescue them was to get free yourself, and then come back to help them.”

I was finishing telling my mom about a dream I’d had that morning. An adventure dream, per usual. Though not overly fun. It had nasty, nasty creatures in it. Ugh. Very hard to fight against.

I woke up before I could go back to help the others in my dream. I guess it was time to take on the day.

I think God blesses us in not being able to see the spiritual world around us. I think if we could see it on a regular basis, we’d be scared to death. I think we can feel it though, sometimes.

Kindness is such a strong force. As is selflessness, and inclusiveness. It really pushes back the darkness. It can really change the atmosphere in a room.

Being in God’s Word is very important too. That was one of the key elements in my dream, and the only thing that kept the creatures at bay. They could encircle you and leer at you, but they couldn’t touch you.

Let’s absorb the goodness of His Scripture, and let us live that goodness out.