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My life is a gift to me, and I want to share it with others. I have a tough time learning by rules. I learn better by examples. My mind works in stories. I have a better time following my feet when I can see how others have walked before me.

When reading Christian nonfiction, I always ate up the snippets of real life. You can tell me to “date wisely,” but what does that mean? You can tell me “keep godly company,” but what do you do when that Christian lady who is acting as your leader always makes you feel like junk? Life is just too complex. I want to see it lived out.

The books would tell me to “guard my heart.” What the heck does that mean? They would tell me to “save your heart for your husband.” I felt guilty if I was even attracted to a guy or if I thought about him a lot, imagining conversations with him in my mind. Their admonitions were abstract and ambiguous; not helpful in the least. I want to do things differently. I’ve gained some life experience over the years, and I want to share my story.