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We have a rock star in the making next door. She’s probably only eight or so and has long, blonde hair. She has all the dance moves, and the crowd loves her. We watch her from our kitchen window. “Is our little singer at it again?” Yes. Yes, she is. I bet God smiles as He watches her dance away.

Children are something special. They can drive you batty, but they make you laugh just as much.

Have you ever seen a pair of glasses sprout wings? Neither have I.

“Elijah,” I asked the five-year-old, “where are your glasses?”

He pointed over the tall, white fence.

My gosh. “How did they get over there?”

He can tell I’m not really mad, just exasperated, and his face splits into an earnest grin in a flash of white teeth. “They flew.”

“They flew?!”

His older sister (self-appointed caretaker and overseer of her twin brothers) backed him. With her usual confident spice, she intoned, “I saw them. They flew.”

Well, I’ll be.

A little imagination goes a long ways. Just add a little gumption to that imagination and you’ve got a healthy couple of vitamins to get you along in life. May we never lose the innocence of little children. It is a precious gift.