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How will you survive having next to nothing to do?

It just takes time. You just have to slow down your rhythm a bit. Breathe in the day.

It’s a gorgeous day, and the water is like glass. Let’s kayak down the unexplored shore–my mom and I–following the rebellious tide. Drift in the eddies just off the point. That is the point; a bit of aimlessness. On the way back, our islands of rest will be the buoys, a bit of stillness before the next climb. Just like the seals sunning themselves on the boom, it’s time to soak in the sunlight.

After a flurry of activity, it’s time to be hippies. My brother is the photographer. My gal friend and I are the hippies. My hair is long and brown, and I’m transformed by the makeup she did for me. The gold band across my forehead is fitting, as are the flowers I find to fit behind my ear. I make her a crown of ivy, setting off the small white roses nicely. We are spring goddesses here in this garden. We are bold adventurers traipsing through the muddy paths. A lapse in the rain is all we need.

It’s all right to take time to breathe. When I’m busy, I’m nearly running a million. But when I’m still, I’m relaxed and glad for a bit of fun.