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I love taking pictures of signs. Somehow, they seem to say things more eloquently than I can. I started this photography venture when I was off at university and going through some difficult stuff. I was trying to puzzle out life, and the signs helped.

Any signs. All signs. Storefront sings (“Hardwoods To Get”). Signs in front of old buildings (“Access Restricted to Ensure Safety”). Property signs (“No Trespassing”). Parking signs (“Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed”). All sorts.

I was going through the pictures on my phone today, deleting the ones I didn’t want to remember, mostly from the last few months of my life. There were more, though, that I wanted to keep. One was of a waterfall park, taken around early spring of last year. It said: “Trail Closed Due to Storm Damage.” Yeah.

There’s a very complex trail to my heart. First, you have to accept everything about me. Me, for who I am. Second, I need transparency. I need to know about you, and you need to know about me. Third, you need to not be controlling. The problem is, I have storm damage. The trail has nearly been obliterated. There needs to be time to mend the trail. Again.

It’s almost like a cycle of seasons. Oh look, it’s winter. Time to wipe out the trail again. Oh look, it’s spring. Time to start hoping again. Oh look, it’s Christmas. Let’s make her life like hell. But you know what? God never gives up on me, and neither do I. I invite Him in again to work on the trail. It’s a bit of a process, but that’s okay. That park is worth it.