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Wind chimes. Echo. Pealing out into stillness. Deepening. Soothing.

I have a bad habit of buying gifts that return to me. Last year for Mother’s Day, I bought my mom a wind chime. It hangs just beyond my window now, and I think I’m the one who gets to enjoy it the most. This past Christmas I bought my mom some nice lavender lotion. Turns out it’s a bit too strong for her, and so she gave it to me.

I think when we love God, our gifts of love do an about-face and return to us. It’s not like we plan it out like that. It just happens. You help out in Sunday School, and one of the girls gives you a sweet card that you still look at when you’re feeling down. You write a letter in ten-year-old script, with lots of kitty stickers, and years later you are given a copy of a drawing of Jesus on the cross. You let the bobbins try out your fiddle during rehearsal, and one of them draws you atop the roof, a crowd of smiling faces below.

Love is a bit like the wind, I think. It doesn’t stay in one spot. It covers great distances, and affects more than just you. Love blesses others, but it also blesses you.