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Ever wonder if the fairytale had been different? The prince had a step-family, and they succeeded in keeping Cinderella locked up. Or perhaps she escaped and danced with the prince. Once. But she was no more real to him than a dream. He tried so very hard to convince himself she held his fancy. “I tried to make it real.” It never was.

Then the door opened and that faraway princess entered. And Cinderella’s voice was lost. “Go now,” the prince said to the cinder girl. “You should not be at these revels. They hold no joy for you.”

The princess held out her hand to the prince, beckoning for him to join her and the man on whom’s arm she rested. And he came.

Cinderella ran out into the night. Her glass shoes glistened in the starlight and she followed the river up into the sky. But as she ran, a shoe fell to earth like a streaking star. And that is where our story begins.